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What is Date Nights Done Right?

A few years back, I read an article about breaking the monotony of going to the same places repeatedly for a date night. The article suggested putting everything you and your significant other wanted to do, and every place you wanted to check out into a hat. Instead of debating where to go or what to do you simply picked your plans out of the hat.

Fast forward to the present day. We have created an app that does just that, Date Nights Done Right! When you download the app and signup for an account you can "FOLLOW" the Date Night Ideas we have listed. This will add them to your date night list. When you are ready to plan your next night out simply click on "Plan a Date Night" choose your filters and BOOM you have a date night location! Add your date, and time plus invite your friends (at this time this does not confirm a reservation). Each friend you invite will receive a text message with an invite. Make sure to check in upon arrival and review your date night to earn rewards points for our rewards shop. Earn even more points by becoming a Date Nights Done Right Affiliate, you'll earn 2x points for every check-in and review PLUS 10 points for every friend that signs up.

Date Nights Done Right is NOT just for couples. Friends can still get a random date night plan OR plan a night out directly from an establishment's profile page. Let us help you eliminate the debate of where to go, or what to do for your next night out!

Date Nights Done Right Team