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We've been waiting for this Date Night for some time! We finally had a chance to throw some hatchets at Hatchets & Hops located at 68 Tonawanda St in Black Rock. This location featured eight throwing lanes, a small bar, ample seating for all throwing lanes, and a small food menu.

Each party is allotted 2 hours of throwing time that begins with instructions on how to throw your hatchet, with our instructor giving personalized directions on where to stand and how to hold the hatchet for best results. Immediately following the instructional period your instructor begins keeping score. The first round is about scoring as many points as possible to be seeded higher during the next phase, which is the round-robin tournament.

During the round-robin tournament players go head-to-head in a single elimination-style bracket. There are prizes awarded for coming in first and second. We won't tell you what they are, you'll have to find out for yourself. As for our throwing, it wasn't pretty to start but we got better as the night went on. It's easy to hit the board, but making your hatchet land blade side out takes some skill and sometimes luck.

The bar features local beers and seltzers on tap and a few other choices in cans. They have a small wine list but no liquor (probably a good idea when you're throwing sharp objects). The food selection consists of shareable items. We tried the soft pretzels, and each of their pizzas. Everything we tried tasted great and was well prepared.

Hatchets & Hops was a lot of fun with our group of 16. Our instructor was amazing and added to the fun of throwing. Each person in our party had a blast, and our evening became very competitive once the tournament started.

If you are looking for a Date Night with your friends we highly recommend Hatchets & Hops!

Date Night Score:
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5 (They don't offer table service, but our bartenders were awesome, and the instructor helping us along the way is why we scored H&H so highly.)
Experience: 5/5

Date Nights Done Right Team